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CSTF Committee: Economic Development & Sustainability

Contact Members


  • Michael Davis (Chair)

  • Corroll Driskell

  • Thomas Calloway

  • Michael Fears

  • Kelly Griffe

  • Harold Hardnett

  • Waymon Harley

  • Pam Mayo

  • Connie Pope

  • Darris Rollins

  • Reginald Rushin

  • Tancil Lucien




Key People:


Marvin S. Arrington, Jr.

Commissioner, Fulton County


Regina Pope (until 5/31/17)

District 5, DAFC Board  Appointee


Ken Dobson


Economic Development, Fulton County


Al Nash

Executive Director

Development Authority of Fulton County


Robert "Bob" Shaw


Development Authority of Fulton County




The Fulton County Economic Development Division was created to enhance economic viability and quality of life within Fulton County through the creation and preservation of businesses and the promotion of jobs and economic opportunities within its communities. Our efforts are a demonstration of the Board of Commissioners’ commitment to economic vitality and the importance of businesses, of all sizes, in our community. During their February 17, 2016 meeting, Fulton County Commissioners voted to consolidate all of the county’s economic development functions into one agency, Select Fulton.  The new agency will be charged with organizing a county-wide approach to pursuit of business opportunities in Fulton County.  Select Fulton will seek to increase the impact of economic development efforts and expand the County’s economic development impact by pursuing opportunities linked to regional efforts.   Select Fulton will consolidate the resources of the Fulton County Office of Economic Development and the Development Authority of Fulton County (DAFC). 


Fulton County commissioners can appoint members to serve on the board of DAFC. DAFC issues taxable and tax-exempt industrial revenue bonds (IRB) for qualified economic development projects across unincorporated Fulton County and its municipalities, including the City of Atlanta. Click here for DAFC brochure.

Please complete these surveys:


Camp Creek Parkway Corridor Economic Development



Camp Creek Parkway Corridor Shopping Experience Survey


Cascade Road Corridor Retail Shopping



Provided by Michael Davis 11/02/2015

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