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Commissioner Arrington hosts 2nd quarter District Dialogues meeting at East Point Library, June 23, 2015.

Commissioner Arrington hosts 2nd quarter District Dialogues meeting at Oak Hill, June 16, 2015.

BOC Meeting re: Annexation

May 6, 2015


Inauguration Ceremony (1/7/15)

Fulton County's Assembly Hall

Commissioner Arrington's Remarks 1:02:24

Commissioner Arrington brings greetings at V103 Peace in the Streets at Welcome All Park in District 5.

Commissioner Arrington hosts his 2nd Constituent Services Task Force meeting at South Fulton Tennis Center.

Commissioner Arrington hosts upcoming District Dialogues town hall meetings.

Commissioner Arrington participates in Healthy CHOICES cooking classes at Oak Hill Family Center, 2805 Metropolitan Pkwy, Atlanta, GA. Purpose of the program is to combat Childhood Obesity.

Commissioner Arrington hosts It Takes A Village back to school drive at Wolf Creek Amphitheater.

Commissioner Arrington hosts District Dialogues town hall meetings at Zoo Atlanta.

Commissioner Arrington joins employees at Fulton County Employee Carnival.

Excellence in Education: Tamkea Washington, NCRF

Community Kudos: Keiana Raven, Joshua's Closet

D5 Economy: Che Watkins, The Center for Woking Families

Youth in Arts: Delores Keemer-Bunch, Giving A Hand

Motivational Moment: Pastor Thomas Ashford, New Jersulem


Commissioner Arrington 2nd Annual Family Fun Day

Excellence in Education: Nikki Thornton, RESTORE

D5 Economy: Gerald McDowell, Airport West CID

Youth in Arts: Dr. Gordon Vernick, Rialto's Jazz for Kids

Motivational Moment: Rev. Dr. Spenser Simrill


Excellence in Education: Noletha High, APS

Community Kudos: Anton Barron, Your Health America

D5 Economy: Arthur Mallard, MILRA

The Arts: LaMarian Wallace, Samuel H. Johnson SSSP 

Motivational Moment: Pastor Monte Norwood, Bibleway Ministries


Commissioner Arrington Annual Baskbetball Tournament with Friends of South Fulton

Excellence in Education: Ashley Jefferson, Bamzybaby 

Community Kudos: Samuel Tompkins, Another Way Out

D5 Economy: Michael Davis, Camp Creek Business Assoc.

The Arts: Kahleen Betrand, BronzeLens Film Festival

Motivational Moment: John Harris, Sword of the Word


Excellence in Education: Eshe' Collins, Atlanta Public Schools

Community Kudos: Frances Kenedy, Keep East Point Beautiful

D5 Economy: Artie Jones, City of College Park

The Arts: Leatrice Ellzy, Beatrix Moss, 13th Floor

Motivational Moment: Judah Swilley, The Movement


Excellence in Education: Principal Shelly Powell, Therrell HS
Community Kudos: Mins. Paul and Linda Martin , GPP Foundation 
D5 Economy: Natallie Kaiser, The Annie E. Casey Foundation
The Arts: Dr. Pickett, TORCH Academy
Motivational Moment: Pastor Samuel Townsend, Laster UMC

Commissioner Arrington hosts District Dialogues

First District Dialogues airing

Excellence in Education: Imara Canady, UNCF

Community Kudos: Corro'll Driskell, SFHA

D5 Economy: Rholanda Stanberry, Purchasing Dept.

Excellence in Education: The Study Hall, Jaquetta Watkins

Community Kudos: South Fulton Road Race

D5 Economy: Ken Dobson

Youth in Arts: Horizon Theatre Company

Motivational Moment: Pastor Arundel Hope

Excellence in Education: Erica Long, Perkerson ES PTA

Community Kudos: Tom Calloway, Colonial Hills Neighborhood 

D5 Economy: SEABA, Chris Balch, Esq

Youth in Arts: Moving in the Spirit, Chris McCord

Excellence in Education: Shari Ponder, Operation Hope

D5 Economy: Maceo Rogers, City of East Point

Youth in Arts: Nina Gilreath, Ballethnic Dance Co.

Excellence in Education: Dana Jewell Harris, Next Steps

Community Kudos: Jean Hudley, Boys 2 Men Home 

Youth in Arts: David & Alycia Robinson, SINEO-NIA Youth Orchestra

Motivational Moment: Belinda MCCastle, Cascade United Methodist

Excellence in Education: Dedra Cochran, Communities in Schools

Community Kudos: Celeste Huling, Zion Hill Community Development

D5 Economy: Noel Khalil, Columbia Residential

Youth in Arts: Samara Michelle, Dance 411 Foundation


Excellence in Education: Marvin Bussey, Teens at Work

Community Kudos: Harold Leffalll, Solomon'sTemple

D5 Economy: Chuck Meadows, Atlanta Beltline Partnership

The Arts: Jessyca Holland, C4 Atlanta

Motivational Moment: Pastor Williams Francis, Faith In Action


Commissioner Arrington hosts community forum with GreyStone Power.

Commissioner Arrington 2nd Annual It Takes A Village