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CSTF Committee: Human & Health

Key People:


Marvin S. Arrington, Jr.

Commissioner, Fulton County


Clinton Dye, Esq.

District 5, FRESH Board  Appointee


Kim King

District 5, FRESH Board  Appointee


Brian Poe, Esq.

District 5, FRESH Board  Appointee


Frankie Atwater


Housing & Human Services

Fulton County


Dr. Kathleen Toomey


Health & Wellness, Fulton County






Housing & Community Development

The Fulton County Housing & Community Development Department is an organization that seeks to strengthen people, their families, and communities through partnerships with various community organizations and outreach programs. Our partners include organizations that are non-profit, private sector, government, volunteer, and citizen advocates.   In response to the growing demand for individualized service outlets; the Housing & Community Development Department has established seven offices that support the ever changing needs of our citizens.



The Fulton County Department of Health & Wellness’ services have evolved to include a vast array of programs that provide comprehensive health care for Fulton County citizens. They include both preventive care and treatment in the areas of infectious diseases, women’s and children’s health, environmental health and other services which include health education, stroke and heart attack prevention programs and refugee screenings.


With a workforce of more than 700 health care professionals and support staff, the Fulton County Department of Health & Wellness is the largest county health department in the State of Georgia and includes 8 health centers, some within the City of Atlanta and others in the surrounding areas of Fulton County. Included in its population are richly diverse communities of color, ethnicity and class, and a significantly large uninsured population. The department provides services for more than 350,000 visits annually, an average of over 1500 visits per workday.

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